Mir Italia Srl is a sponsor of the Photography exhibition KO.existence (23 - 29 October 2017, House of Rights of the City of Milan, via De Amicis 10, Bomprezzi Hall).

Without ever meeting in person, two photographers, Matteo Ceschi (from Milano, Italy) and Jim Marshall (a long-time resident of Sarajevo, originally from Scotland) created KO.existence - a B&W photo reportage, inspired by the theme of the 2016 International Summer School “Rethinking the Culture of Tolerance” that was organized in Sarajevo, September 2016.

The title of the series of 50 photographs is a pun implying a challenge to the viewers to rethink their notion of "coexistence" and avoid the danger of a social "knock out", which is why "co.existence" became "KO.existence".

In effect, people share spaces and places every day, they "co-exist" but never in a neutral manner, rather in a way that may develop into positive or negative relationships. Starting from this initial position, each photographer has approached in his own style the different issues of contemporary co-existence trying to give substance to the suffix word "KO".

The exhibition moves now to Milan, under the patronage of the City of Milan, the Rectorate of the University of Milan-Bicocca, and the Embassy of Italy in Bosnia&Herzegovina, and in collaboration with the Amici di Casa dei Diritti, and IPSIA-ACLI.